The art of Knot
May 1,2021
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Art Of Knot
Love Knots are one of the most popular and beautiful themes in jewelry. They’re widely used in almost every style of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.
The love knot is a unique Celtic love symbol, popular throughout the world. Legend has it that when Celtic sailors of old missed their sweethearts while at the sea, they would tie this knot as a symbol of their heart's desire to be entwined with their lovers. Upon returning home, this knot would be presented to the beloved. Today it symbolizes the perfect union of eternal love between two people.
Heart Knot Necklace
You’ll see it in ancient Greek jewelry and Egyptian sculptures. There are also many jewelry brands, and jewelry designers have discovered the beautiful meaning hidden behind knots. For example, renowned French jewelry brand Messika has launched a new season of "Messika by Kate Moss" high-end jewelry K-Lace series, blended knot elements into common jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and reinterpreted the knot art in retro style.
Knot Earrings
Knots have also been a part of marriage rituals for a very long time. The most well-known one is "God’s Knot". The bride and groom’s hands are bound together during the ceremony to symbolize their binding love.
Silver And Rose Gold Knot Ring
Featuring simplicity and variant-looking, knot is exactly in line with the harsh aesthetic concept, as well as its irreplaceable emotional attribute and artistic beauty making it far more important than functional attribute now.
These deep roots and traditions are all a part of what makes love knot jewelry so beautiful and meaningful. Giving this gift to someone you love shows the depth of your love. It is a perfect way to let someone know that you can’t imagine a future without them. And wearing love knot jewelry reciprocates those timeless bond of love and affection that connects two people.